How to Reshare on Instagram: Various Steps to Repost Videos and Photos

Sharing and Resharing the content on the social media app is a quite common thing that everyone prefers. All other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer a resharing feature which makes people to easily share other people’s content. Similar to them, Instagram also let the users to reshare posts like interesting videos, beautiful photo, etc. So, have a look at How to Repost on Instagram in this page.

Are wondering about How to Repost on Instagram to your friends and family members? Here, you can find the essential ways to reshare the posts on Instagram. Build your own brand by reposting videos and pics on Instagram.

Repost Instagram

The trending app among various social media apps is Instagram. Now, you can share your moments and turn your creative photos and videos into work of art by sharing with your family members. We all look into Instagram App for wonderful videos and photos shared by others. But one thing is missing on it, that is, it doesn’t support a resharing feature. Then, people wonder, “How Do I Repost on Instagram?” Here is the solution to it. You can get various tricks for reposting on Instagram by referring to this page.

Repost on Instagram

On Twitter, you can retweet and on Facebook, you can repost. Likewise, You can repost or reshare posts on Instagram. Reposting on Instagram is sharing someone’s photos or videos to your own account so that your followers can see it. As the Reposting is not an official feature, you might not have an idea about How to Repost on Instagram. If you are really interested to learn How to Repost on Instagram, then you can go through below two methods.

How to Repost on Instagram App?

There are multiple ways to share someone’s Instagram Post to your followers. There are two best methods to reshare the posts on the App one is using an external App and the other is by taking screenshots. If your device doesn’t support the below techniques then you can prefer other external apps.

  • Use Reposting Instagram App

Repost212 for Instagram is an external App which is compatible with all devices such as Android & iOS. So, you can download it and install from the respective App stores.

  1. After installing the App, Go to the Instagram App and search for the respective App that you want to repost.
  2. To do this, go to the original poster gallery or use the hashtag feature.
  3. After opening the photo or the video that you want to restore, tap on the three dotted icons that is available at the upper right corner.
  4. Then, click on the “Copy Share URL” option. Now, it will copy the URL to the clipboard.Reshare post on Instagram
  5. Now, open the Repost for Instagram App on your device.
  6. The post which is copied to the clipboard will be present on the Apps Homepage automatically.
  7. Now, you can decide how the post appears on the screen by editing (by clicking on the back arrow button).
  8. Tap on the next option to continue further.
  9. Then, it will be directed to the reposting step. It Includes Post original caption by tapping on the paste option.How to Reshare Post on Instagram
  10. Now, tap on the share option which appearsĀ on your Instagram Profile.
  • Manual Process

    1. If you don’t want to install the App to save your device storage, then you can prefer the manual process.
    2. Take a screenshot by tapping on the Home and Power button on your iOS device.
    3. Long press on Power and Volume down button on your Android device to take a screenshot.
    4. Now, add the post to the Instagram Account by using the new post button which is on the center bottom of your Instagram Profile.
    5. Now, filter it according to your requirements.
    6. Credit the original poster of the content by adding “@” and username. Then, tap on the Share option to post it on the Instagram Profile.

How to Repost Instagram Post to Your Story?

You can share someone’s post from feed to your story if their account is public. When you share someone’s post to your story, then all followers who viewed your story can see the original account and the user who originally posted.

  • To Share someone’s Instagram post From Feed to Your Story.
    • Tap on the How to Repost Instagram Storybelow the photo or video in Feed.
    • Now, click on Add Post to your story.
  • If you have a Public Instagram Account, then you can turn off the ability to reshare your posts
    • Now, go to your profile and tap on the menu option appears in three horizontal lines.
    • Click on the Settings and then tap Privacy and Security option.
    • Tap “Resharing to Stories” and enable it.

Best Repost Apps for Instagram

  • Repost Photo and Video for Instagram
  • Repost Via Instant
  • DownloadGram
  • Repost for Instagram
  • InstaRepost


Though there is no official feature for resharing the content on Instagram, you can use the above methods for resharing. Repost on the Instagram feature can relieve the pressure of creating new content. Additionally, you can build up a brand by resharing the amazing pics and videos. We hope that the above steps are clear and you can easily reshare the posts which look interesting.

If you don’t want to install other external Apps on your devices or if you don’t like to give access to your photos, then you can manually take screenshots and share via other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Feel Free to ask your queries by commenting in the below box.

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