What is Instagram Plus? | Frequently Asked Questions on Instagram+

Are you planning to install Instagram Plus on your devices? Then, you should have complete knowledge of it. As it offers many advanced features, you may get tempted to use the App.

But, you may get various doubts about the app in your mind. Here, you can find FAQs on Instagram Plus App which are intended to help you answer your queries and enhance the overall experience.

What is Instagram Plus?

If you are an active member in using social media apps, then you might be knowing about the Instagram App. But, there are many restrictions on the normal App. So, many people switch to Instagram+ to get more benefits. Instagram Plus is a modded social media app which allows the users to download photos and videos on your device. While the official app doesn’t give you the option to download images and videos on your devices.

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One of the amazing features of the Instagram Plus App is the Follow indicator which gives you the ability to know who is following you. Now, you can view the profile pics of all the Instagram users even though they are not in your following list. Just like the WhatsApp status, people update the Insta Plus stories in their profile. Users who find the stories interesting want to download and save them on their devices. So, it has provided download stories feature for those people.

Instagram Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instagram Safe to Download & Use?

Yes, Instagram Plus is safe to download and use it on your device.

What are the requirements for Installing and running Instagram+?

In order to download and install Instaplus on your device, you need to have Android 4.o or above and for windows, you need to have Windows 7/8/10.

Can I use Instagram Plus on iOS?
No, currently. Instagram plus is not available for iOS devices. It is only available for Android and Windows devices.

Can I Download videos, photos, and stories with Instagram Plus?
Yes, Instagram Plus allows the users to download any media which can do with ease.

Do I need to uninstall Official Instagram App before installing Instagram+?
Yes, you need to uninstall Official Insta App on your device to install Instagram+.

What is the difference between Instagram Plus and OGInsta?

Particularly, there is no difference between these two apps in terms of features and the interface. The only difference is that you can use OGInsta App on your device without uninstalling the Instagram App.

Does Installing the Insta Plus requires rooting?

No, rooting not required for installing Instagram Plus on your Android device.

Can I Use Dual Instagram Apps on a single device?

Yes, you can use two accounts on a single device. You need to install OGInsta to use second Instagram App.

Will, my account get banned using Insta Plus?
Your Account is 100% secure and you will never get banned using this Modded app.

How Many languages supported by the Instagram+?
At present, 32 languages are supported by Instagram Plus.

Can I Zoom someone’s photo on Instagram Plus?
Yes, you can zoom someone’s photo on InstaPlus. This is one of the best features available in the Instagram+. Simply double tap on it to zoom any photo. You can also move the photos by using your fingers.

Who is the Founder of Instagram Plus?

Instagram Plus is the modded version of regular Instagram developed by David.

What is the benefit of using this App?

This App is better than Official Instagram. In this App, you can download videos and images directly from the Instagram App.

What if I want Instagram plus videos to play with sound?

You can enable the Instagram Plus Videos with a sound feature by default. Whenever you come across a video, it will automatically play with sound.

Can I Delete Instagram+ App and get back to the Official Instagram App at any time? 

Yes, You can simply uninstall and delete Instagram+ and get back to the normal Instagram App.

How to Install Instagram Plus App on an Android device? 

To Install Instagram Plus App on Android device, open the downloads folder on your device and find the APK file. Tap on the file to install and it will proceed with the installation process.

What are features offered by Instagram Plus?

You can easily download all the images and videos to your device storage, follow indicator feature, zooming the profile pic of other people, staring videos with sound, sharing URL directly for the photos and much more.

How to update Instagram Plus?

Just open the Instagram Plus App on your device and Go to Settings option and click on the update button.


We hope that all the queries regarding Instagram Plus have been answered. Still, if you have any doubts regarding this App, you can ask us by commenting in the below section. To read more info, visit Instagram+ page. Then, you can get more idea on Instagram+ App.

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