Instagram Privacy | Various Ways to Change Privacy Settings on Instagram

Instagram, a photo and video sharing app allows the users to explore their creativity by posting beautiful photos, videos. With over a billion active users. Insta has become popular all over the world. But, not everyone likes to share their snaps to Public. If you don’t feel to share the photos with the public, then you can tune to Instagram Privacy Settings.

This App is widely used by teens and adults and they are fast in accessing the social media Apps. At the same time, protecting themselves is more important on social media Apps like Instagram. Let’s have a look at the Privacy Settings on Instagram which keeps you safe and private.

Instagram Privacy Settings

In the present days, Instagram has gained much popularity as the best online photo sharing and social networking app. Whenever users get a new smartphone, people join Instagram and posts photos, selfies, videos, add friends and trending hashtags. But what about their privacy. No one cares about it and finally, all the personal info will be in the hands of unknown members.

How to Change Privacy Settings in Instagram

Most of the newbies don’t have an idea on Instagram Privacy Settings and the Account is automatically set to Public by default. This enables all other people to access and find your posts. So, you need to switch your account to private. It is easy to change the Privacy Settings on the Instagram App.

How to Change Privacy Settings on Instagram?

By default, Instagram will be set to Public which allows everyone to see your profile and posts on Instagram. So, you can make your account private. This lets the followers view the content shared by you. Follow the below Privacy Settings on Instagram to protect your profile and data.

Switch to your Private Account on Android/PC

On Android
  • Just open your Instagram Account from the App Menu on the home screen
  • Now, tap on the profile option which appears at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, at the top right corner of the screen, you will see the Settings menu which displays in the form of three vertical dots.
  • On the Settings page, you will find various options. Hit on the “private account” option.
  • Then it turns to blue color which ensures your account is private and only viewed by only approved followers.
  • Login to the Instagram Account and then go to your profile > Settings > Privacy & Security > Private Account.

Edit your Profile

  • Your Instagram Followers can know all your details by visiting your profile. So, reveal only the details that are necessary.
  • To update Instagram Privacy Settings, go to the Profile, click on the profile button which appears at the bottom right corner of the page. Now, select “Edit your profile” button, then add or delete any personal details you like.
  • Click on Done option to save all the changes.

Turn Off Activity Status

Your Instagram activity status tells your followers when you are using the App. This lets your friends know when you are in online and finds the time to chat with you. This might be a good thing when you want to connect, but it might be troubling when you don’t want to be disturbed.

How to Turn Off Instagram Activity Status?
  • Go to Menu which appears in the three horizontal lines.
  • Hit on Settings option and scroll down to Privacy & Security > Show activity status.
  • Now, toggle to Off button.

Location Info

While posting the Instagram Photo Map, your location might be displayed to other users. So, you should be careful and stop disclosing your location while posting. Here is how to remove the Photo Map Posts.

  • Go to your Profile and tap on the location icon.
  • Select the pictures that you want to remove.
  • Now, tap on the edit option and then choose deselect all option.
  • Tap on the Done, Confirm your Location and again select Done.

Sharing Settings

Instagram enables the users to share their latest photos to other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can edit these Settings by tapping on the gear icon which is at the upper right corner of your Profile and tap on the Share Settings. Check How Instagram shares your Snapshots on Facebook.

  • Go to Facebook Account and then click on Privacy Settings.
  • Then Select Privacy Checkup and tap on the blue Next Steps button.
  • Now, find Instagram in Your Apps section ( If you have already connected Instagram to your Facebook Account).

Two Factor Authentication

This two-factor authentication is popular in terms of security. Outside hacker requires the username and password to access your Instagram Account. Instagram provides two options,i.e, it asks you to enter your mobile number to provide extra security to your account, and other is you can log in to Instagram via a third-party authentication system, Google Authenticator. In order to do this,

  • Go to the Menu and then hit Settings.
  • Now, scroll down to Privacy and Settings > Two Factor Authentication.
  • Toggle on Require Security Code.

Stop Similar Account Suggestions

When you follow someone on Instagram, you will see the suggestions of similar profiles which you might want to follow. If you don’t want to see these suggestions to appear on your profile, then you can go through the below steps.

  • Go to and login to the Account from the Desktop or from the Phone screen.
  • Now, Tap on the Profile option which will appear at the right corner of the screen and tap on the “Edit profile” option.
  • Click Next to Similar Account Suggestions and then click on the submit option.

Block Followers You Don’t Know

If you have created a new Instagram Account, then you might be searching for the followers. So, you start following unknown people you discover. If they follow you, you might be receiving some inappropriate comments on your posts from them. At that time, you can block them by following the below steps.

  • Go to the Followers list and then check the people who follow you
  • Now, tap on the user profile whom you want to block.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, tap on the menu button
  • A new window with various options appears on the screen.
  • Tap on the Block option.

These are necessary steps which can hide the data from unauthorized users. Now, you can keep your Account more secure by changing the Instagram Privacy Settings.

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